So You Say!

 The following comments are from individuals who have agreed to be "test subjects" during the development of the Reveka line.  Samples have been distributed to people who suffer from various conditions, some who require regular visits to a dermatologist. We are proud to share their comments and results. The untouched photos below are my personal results after using the Rejuvenescence Skincare line consistently for approximately 6 months. You have no idea how difficult it was not to delete the "before" photos on a daily basis!  Results may vary according to individual skin types and consistency of use.

Happy Pampering!


*The bubble baths are wonderful!  I especially love the oatmeal soak.  I hardly have to use moisturizer after I use it!

*I'm Addicted to the face mask and magnesium body butter! Love them!

*My skin feels so fresh and clean after I use the face mask.  I was surprised by how pink my skin looked after I washed it off. At first it made me nervous, but it faded quickly and I realized that that was just the clay doing what it's supposed to! I've noticed significant improvement in my skins texture and elasticity. 


*I've been using the Magnesium Body Butter and told my doctor about it.  He confirmed this was a great way to increase my magnesium levels and endorsed continued use.  I can actually feel it working!

 *I thought the face oil and face cream combination was interesting, but at 55 I've tried it all and didn't expect miracles. I was shocked to realize after a couple of weeks of use that I was actually looking less tired and people were noticing! Areas of dryness that were impossible are no longer apparent! Thank you for bringing me products that work and I can feel good about using. And also, thanks for the pretty packaging. It looks great in my bathroom.

*I love the bubble baths.  They smell so great and I love that they're loaded with magnesium. They're especially great after I work out.  

*The Magnesium Body Butter! All I can say is the smell is yummy! That it works is great too, but I would continue buying it just for the yummy smell. 

*I have extremely dry cheeks, especially in the winter, and most products I've tried only burn and irritate. Your face serum is wonderful! It feels so soothing and hydrating without any burning sensation whatsoever.

*I've been using your serum under my face cream at night for 2 weeks & have seen a remarkable improvement in my skin.

*I love using the face scrub.  My skin never looked or felt better! 

*My skin is smoother and more healthy looking. I just don't look as tired as I used to!

*My own testimonial…hey…it counts! My husband experiences severe skin conditions and spends hundreds of dollars on prescription meds. He tried the face serum and proclaimed I was a miracle worker! The serum is the only thing that has eliminated the scaly skin on his forehead. He’s a tough customer and considers all skincare products rubbish. (Yes...I'm aware of the irony) Now he keeps the serum in his go bag.  Nice!